About GRI

As a leading extended workforce solutions provider managing more than $4 billion in non-employee labor spend, GRI maintains an independent market position with regard to staffing suppliers and VMS technologies

This allows us to meet the multi-faceted needs of some of the world’s largest and most complex companies. The industry’s first MSP provider more than 20 years ago, GRI has evolved into a leader in workforce solutions, services, and strategies that support workers in more than 70 countries. Our integrated programs revolve around intelligent, innovative solutions that investigate all channels for talent, reaching previously untapped sources.

Leadership Team

Why GRI ?

Why does GRI’s independence matter?

How can I benefit from managing SOW spend?

How can I discover new ways to find and secure the best talent?

How can I successfully take my program global?

What can we do for you?

Choosing to team with GRI will propel your company into unmatched strategic management of your non-employee labor force, moving away from the traditional tactical management that only addresses the status quo. Our industry-leading extended workforce solutions and services encompass every aspect of your program. We’ve set ourselves apart with our commitment to independence, innovation, integration, and intelligence.

Here’s what we mean:

Being INDEPENDENT means we aren’t owned by a parent company that also operates staffing firms. This position allows us to investigate all channels of talent, which is vital in today’s rapidly-changing workforce environment.

Continued INNOVATION means we’re watching the industry, evaluating our clients’ needs, and staying on top of technology so we can provide industry-changing solutions. Our curated talent clouds and statement of work management programs have become bedrocks for many of our clients’ programs.

Enabling INTEGRATION across our programs means we understand the evolution of non-employee labor and how locating talent has moved beyond the traditional staffing firm. Fully integrated non-employee labor programs now mean flexible and adaptive.

Having one of the industry’s most INTELLIGENT, experienced leadership teams and staffs means we continue to learn and grow, bringing that thought leadership to our clients. Our STARS data analytics tools and processes are just one of the ways we’re leading.