Geometric Results

About GRI

Geometric Results, Inc. (GRI) is the world’s largest independent managed service provider (MSP) with $4 billion in managed contingent workforce spend. The company maintains a conflict-free position with regard to staffing suppliers and VMS technology platforms. GRI’s workforce solutions offer management of clients’ total MSP program activity including contracting, supplier management, payment services, and advanced analytics; clients realize improved efficiency, increased transparency, and reduced cost. GRI continues to be an industry leader in solutions development, serving clients in more than 35 countries with proprietary services including STARS Methodology for Continuous Improvement™ and Procurement of Outsourced Projects and Services (PrOPS).

What does an MSP do?

An MSP delivers to organizations strategic oversight and operational execution for non-employee workforce programs. In addition to managing the sourcing process, MSP services include the monitoring of all program activity, detailed program analysis and benchmarking, invoicing, robust supplier management, and total workforce solutions primarily around:

  • Contingent Labor Spending – IT, Admin, Professional, Financial, Industrial Labor, etc.
  • Statement of Work-Based Spending – T&M, Fixed Bid, Unit-Based Billing
  • Global/Offshore Resources


Why use an MSP?

Establishing and maintaining an in-house program to manage a large non-employee workforce in addition to finding the expertise to strategically source, benchmark programs, and facilitate continued program maturity can be a significant undertaking. An MSP uses tools, such as a Vendor Management System (VMS), and has the skill sets and experience to manage the entire life cycle of sourcing contingent resources and services, onboarding and offboarding non-employee workers, and managing the invoicing process around the world.

Data is a critical component to any successful program – what data should be captured, how to analyze the data, and how to “read” what the data is saying. MSPs are adept at making sense of data to enable better decision making, support program changes (or not), and guide budgeting and forecasting.

Awards and Recognitions

  • Supplier Diversity Development
  • Corporation of the Year
  • World Excellence Award