PrOPS: Procurement of Outsourced Projects & Services


Scaling program governance and compliance for SOW

The fastest growing segment of the contingent labor industry comes from statement of work, or SOW. Many programs initially use SOW as an alternate means to engage temporary labor resources. However, temporary labor is only 5-10 percent of the total services spend entering the organization.

90+ percent of an organization’s SOW-based spend is for outsourced projects and services.

Third party management and contract non-compliance associated with outsourced projects and services represent far greater risks to the organization than temporary labor. As such, the program governance and procurement policies originally designed to support temporary labor vendors and practices are inadequate and increase risk exposure when it comes to supporting SOW.

Scaling the existing contingent labor program model to include SOW requires:

  • New policies and practice objectives
  • New sourcing and spend management capabilities, and
  • New functional skills with broader category expertise.


PrOPS:  Introducing GRI’s full service MSP solution for SOW

Procurement of Outsourced Projects & Services, or PrOPS, is GRI’s answer to the rising client need to expand program spend scope, scale spend and risk management operations, and extend Procurement’s reach and influence throughout the organization. With these objectives in mind, PrOPS leverages its team of functional and category experts to optimally manage your entire portfolio of SOW-based services.

PrOPS is a uniquely differentiated MSP service delivery model that is practitioner-based, category-focused and portfolio oriented:

  • Sourcing Practitioners – actual sourcing professionals leading and steering your tactical sourcing needs to the outcomes you seek
  • Category Expertise – Broad and deep category experience to support your internal category managers across the entire Indirect spectrum
  • Program Compliance – Data focused strategies to drive compliance (i.e. behavioral changes) and reduce third party risk across the organization
  • Guaranteed Savings – We set and meet ROSI (return on sourcing investment) targets that guarantee you save more than our program costs.


Flexible and customizable program solution
PrOPS is built upon an integrated engagement model that not only drives program efficiencies (i.e. reduced procurement cycle times) but also maximizes program effectiveness.  Our solutions are configured on two key foundations:

  1. Channel and Resource Optimization: Our engagement model integrates the best channel and the right resource for the SOW transaction at hand. From rerouting T&M (time and materials) SOWs to preferred contingent labor workflows, to engaging your internal category and sourcing resources for strategic sourcing opportunities: the PrOPS model is configured to support the entire services portfolio according to your preferences.
  2. SOW Management: Tactical sourcing is key to driving transactional savings, but it is not the only lever to drive improved sourcing outcomes and to achieve positive program ROSI (return on sourcing investment).

Our team of professionals will work with you to design and develop the optimal integrated view that meets your needs today. And together we will establish a program roadmap to meet your growing, expanding needs for tomorrow.


To learn more about GRI’s Category Business Assessment or PrOPS QuickStart Offering, click here