Managed Service Provider

Leveraging the blended workforce

As unstable economies continue to fluctuate around the world, companies face challenges with maintaining an effective labor force and are looking to integrate a talent management strategy that adds flexibility. Many companies are leveraging contract labor as a solution for workforce flexibility, utilizing the skills and knowledge of experts in the Managed Service Provider (MSP) business to fully capitalize.

Today, it is estimated that a company has an additional 26 percent in contract employees above its full-time employees. And that number continues to grow. To help meet this demand, GRI, a global leader in the recruitment, retention and supply of contract labor, continues to grow its MSP business by providing flexible staffing solutions in a shortened cycle time for its global partners that reduce cost, improve efficiency and deliver optimal talent.

GRI maximizes the benefits of a blended workforce by collaborating with you throughout the development of your workforce strategy ─ from sourcing and pre-screening contract labor to rate negotiations, on boarding support, compliance evaluation tests and metrics. This allows you to focus on your core business while GRI leverages its network of nearly 450 staffing agencies and years of blended workforce experience to deliver the best talent. Our integrated approach improves workforce flexibility and productivity with qualified staff, ensures regulatory compliance with minimum administration and guarantees long-term, high performance thanks to ongoing assessments and training initiatives. And, finally, our proprietary analytics – STARS Methodology for Continuous Improvement™ – provides you with key data needed to make positive workforce decisions, align strategies and leverage lessons learned.

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