Talent Cloud Offering

Today we find ourselves in the midst of the Next Generation War for Talent.


The Y2K boom in the late 90s brought about a fiercely competitive market for skilled resources.  That War for Talent saw rates increase disproportionately.  Today, the increased use of contingent labor and the blending of employee and non-employee workforce demands that top-performing companies get creative in attracting and retaining talent from an ever-changing pool of resources.
Talent acquisition is more important now than ever!


GRI’s Talent Cloud offering is designed to ensure you get the talent you need at the price you should pay, via a reduced time to fill.  Customized pools that you define as appropriate for your business can consist of alumni/retirees, veterans, specialized freelancers, etc.  Our approach is proactive vs. reactive and strategic vs. tactical, ensuring you gain access to talent that would otherwise remain underutilized, or worse – completely untapped.


We do this in a simple, yet powerful 3 step process:

  1. Provide a “cloud” to deposit or collect talent.  In addition, we leverage social media and networking sources to attract candidates that want to own their own brand and their career direction.
  2. “Curate” the talent by assigning strategic suppliers the ownership of the cloud(s) to actively manage the resources and ensure the candidates are put through the same rigor you expect from your Supply Chain.
  3. Redesign the process so the cloud-based resources have priority while at the same time ensuring costs are controlled.  The output yields easy to read profiles designed to allow hiring managers to quickly flag the candidates they want to learn more about.


Our solution is VMS agnostic and through web service integrations, enables the VMS to continue to be the system of record and capture all applicable metrics.