Talent Data Exchange

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The working world is filled with infomaniacs. People with an insatiable appetite for data. In order to feed their ever-growing need, Brightfield created a living informational complex that contains the fundamental ingredient for all sound decision making: facts. Facts that are real, precise and granular. Facts from actual business transactions. Introducing the Talent Data Exchange.  GRI continues to recognize the power of a broad set of accurate, granular, and timely market rate data on program operations.  Through GRI’s strategic partnership with Brightfield Strategies, our clients can now gain access to this groundbreaking offering at a significantly reduced price.

More than just a data dump, Brightfield’s Talent Data Exchange is a secure membership-based data safe house that, amongst other things, lets companies compute the cost of non-employee labor, review true market level statistical analysis about program performance and test the validity of workforce strategies precisely and anonymously.


It accomplishes this Herculean feat by aggregating validated, conditioned, homogenized global workforce insight into one shared centralized location. Staggering in its dimensions, some early adopters already call it the “Holy Grail.” Little wonder. The common format makes it easy to compare scenarios, strategies and tactics that couldn’t previously be compared. Because it offers the high degree of conformity necessary for true market evaluations, companies can finally see where their spending behavior stands vis a vis the market. Bottom line? Now companies can make fact based, evidence driven decisions like never before.


In brief, Brightfield’s Talent Data Exchange does not contain false, fabricated or manipulated information. Just true numbers, math and algorithms. Real charts, calculations and results. All of which offer immense opportunities for CW programs and human capital plans.


Like any genetic framework, Brightfield’s Talent Data Exchange is laddered and multi-layered. One functional component breaks down each and every job title into its most basic molecular parts. Another provides true market rate costs not best guestimates. (In truth, the thinking that goes into estimates today is so far removed from reality and so lacking in accuracy that to even call them guesses gives them more credit than they deserve). And a third can answer the never-ending question “exactly how is my CW program doing?” In it’s entirety, we believe the Talent Data Exchange represents a body of fact that adds real, evidence based backbone to any CW decision and offers long-term company-wide competitiveness.