Redefining Vendor Neutrality

Why does independence matter?

Geometric Results’ charter is to deliver the greatest program value to our clients and staffing partners. Being independent matters. Our mission is to be your partner of choice. To do that we need to create value for you, your customers, and your stakeholders. We benefit when you derive maximum value from GRI as your MSP, not as your staffing company.

Our relationship with suppliers is focused on getting the most qualified and cost effective resources identified after reviewing options across all industries and geographies. Such an important responsibility demands neutrality. Where conflict and bias exists in MSP and staffing relationships, services tend to be less dynamic and not deriving the full benefit of competitive marketplace bidding.

At Geometric Results we have a strategy and vision that is based solely on helping our clients achieve their goals. Independence means programs managed impartially without staffing revenue interests, that leverage marketplace forces and allow us to drive cost savings and continuous improvement initiatives via our proprietary STARS Methodology for Continuous Improvement™. This commitment to measurable results and transparency is in our DNA. For these reasons both our customers and suppliers value our common relationships. All of our economic interests are in alignment.