The Changing Workforce Landscape and How Your Company Can Thrive

Written by:
David Cooper
Vice President, Global Sales

The global workforce landscape is changing rapidly, with many companies struggling to find workers.  With needs for non-employee labor greater than ever, HR and procurement departments are moving beyond traditional transactional hiring practices, seeking out new channels for talent.  Incorporating new technologies is proving to be an important approach helping some of the world’s largest companies solve their problems.

Companies are making the shift from a dependence on traditional staffing firms to creating ecosystems – a network of companies, services, and technologies – that offer a multitude of options.  So then, how do companies manage this quickly-changing arena?  Teaming with an experienced MSP can help companies manage their non-employee labor ecosystems while providing strategy and insight into today’s talent channels.  By teaming with an industry leader like GRI, companies can learn how to coordinate traditional staffing, digital services platforms, SOW, and independent workers.

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