Holistic Hiring Webinar

Written by:
Elaine Morris Roberts
Solutions and Innovation Analyst

The world of work is changing. The labor pool is shrinking, and at the same time, younger workers want more fluid opportunities that give them greater control over their careers.  So how do companies in search of non-employee labor find and keep the best talent?  They must manage the many facets of the process, which when attempted alone, can be daunting.  By employing Geometric Results, Inc.’s (GRI) Talent Cloud solution, powered by Genesys technology, companies are able to navigate the complexities, creating the perfect pool of talented non-employee labor available at just the right time, every time.

GRI and Genesys invite you to listen to our webinar Holistic Hiring: Accessing New Channels for Talent. The panel, featuring Forrester Analyst Sam Stern, will address industry trends that impact how companies manage the many facets of finding and retaining top non-employee workers.  Specifically, we will discuss:

How the employer brand impacts the quality of candidates companies attract

How delivering a good candidate/hiring experience has the power to ensure a consistent flow of strong candidate

Why HR and procurement departments should integrate.


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Holistic Hiring Webinar