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GRI Expands Executive Leadership Team with Chief Data Officer and VP of Global Sales to Support the Company’s Growth Goals

DETROITNov. 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — GRI has expanded its executive leadership team in response to recent growth.  This is part of the company’s continued evolution toward becoming the non-employee labor industry’s leading global strategic partner in extended-workforce solutions.  “Reaching the point in GRI’s maturation where we are able to add these experts is an indicator of our successes and sustained commitment to overall advancement.  I couldn’t be more excited about my current leadership team – it’s the strongest group I’ve been fortunate enough to assemble in my 18 years in the business,” said GRI President Art Knapp.

GRI’s new Chief Data Officer Salema Rice and new VP of Global Sales David Cooper, join Bob Hicks, the recently-appointed VP of statement of work (SOW) practice to round out the company’s existing leadership team.  “We have been investing heavily in our data analytics solution, and this is the perfect moment to add a Chief Data Officer.  With Salema and Bob on our team, we now have two incredibly well-respected and renowned thought leaders sharing their expertise,” Art said.  “The addition of David as global sales VP enables us to expand our reach, articulating the value of our extended workforce solutions to the marketplace.  It’s our ultimate goal to be the employer and partner of choice; strengthening our team with these esteemed professionals is a testament to that.”

Salema brings broad, substantial data analytics experience, serving as a long-term data management advisor for BMW, Ally Bank, and TIAA-CREF.  She spent nearly 20 years as a data management consultant with Allegis Group, becoming the company’s global chief data and analytics officer in 2015.  “The opportunity at GRI is exciting – they’re already working to revolutionize their solutions in extended workforce programs with data analytics as the foundation.  I believe my overall data and analytics experience, and my time working in this industry, position me to bring a wealth of ideas to GRI,” she said.

Salema is assessing GRI’s current position and determining how she can increase the company’s capabilities to bring true value and decision-making support to every client, “We’re not just offering a snapshot of where we are today, but looking at where we’re going.  We need to be able to tell our clients why things happen and what comes next,” she said.

The data analytics team, working in tandem with the sales team, will give GRI unusual clout with both potential and existing clients.  “The analytics engine will set us apart,” Salema said, “because we will not be focusing solely on price.  Our data-driven strategy that brings greater potential for efficiency and savings will prove hard to beat.”

And the power derived from data is exactly what GRI’s new VP of global sales believes will allow his team to garner more opportunities and wins.  “I have to arm my team with the right information so they can give prospective clients a reason to choose at GRI and show existing clients how we can improve their programs,” David said.

David’s tenure in the non-employee labor industry goes back almost 20 years.  He has managed the MSP and consulting divisions for Beeline and IQNavigator, as well as the sales divisions at IQN and Guidant.  Most recently, he spent 2 ½ years at technology start-up Genesys, an industry leader in talent cloud technologies and a GRI technology partner.  That connection has given David insight into how GRI’s independence gives the company the ability to weave in supply chains not available to other providers.

His initial plan will begin with establishing an updated sales strategy and methodology.  “GRI is going to bring a smart, focused strategy revolving around our industry verticals and geographies of strength.  We must examine our status and determine the best path moving forward,” he said.  In addition to the new chief data officer, David feels having Bob Hicks on the team is the third leg of the success stool.  This element is huge, he said, because “extended workforce solutions models that can effectively manage SOW will be the ones that make it.”

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