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GRI Launches Envision, a Comprehensive Workforce Decision Analytics Solution that Uses Data Science to Analyze Internal Client Data Compared to Global Benchmark Data

DETROIT, March 14, 2018 – GRI, the non-employee labor industry’s leading independent workforce solutions provider, has launched Envision, the company’s workforce decision analytics solution.  Unlike other offerings found in the industry, Envision uses machine learning algorithms and predictive analytics to allow clients to understand their data compared to larger, external data sets. The company’s comprehensive data analytics platform incorporates global benchmark data, allowing clients to make informed decisions about program performance across four categories – quality, efficiency, cost, and risk.  “Our new solution will set us apart — our clients are now able to look at trends across various data categories, learning more than merely what happened.  Envision gives us the ability to unlock the ‘why’ so our clients can make informed strategic decisions.  We can help them effectively predict the future,” said GRI President Art Knapp.

Data from clients’ vendor management systems and any other structured and unstructured sources will be loaded into GRI’s repository, then integrated with larger anonymized data sets to generate a wide range of analytics, many of which can be accessed in real time.  “We’re providing our clients descriptive, prescriptive, and predictive analytics in the moment.  Envision’s integrated data science tools and neural machine learning models mean that our data is fresh – and that means our clients have a definite advantage,” said Salema Rice, the company’s chief data officer.

The resulting reporting is also unique in that there are no more spreadsheets with tiny rows of indecipherable data.  Envision uses a graphic representation system that provides easy-to-interpret information which visually highlights areas of strength and needed improvement.  And the company is investing in building an even larger diverse data management team that includes data scientists, data engineers, and solutions architects.  “Our commitment to Envision is supporting an integrated process being carried out by some of the industry’s most talented data experts.  Over the coming months, the solution will continue to grow, offering even more data models, recommendation engines, and detailed program insights,” Salema said.  GRI’s clients are already benefitting from Envision’s capabilities, making strategic decisions based on comparing their program performance against various market factors and predicting rates based on larger economic trends.

Please join us at VMSA Live in Orlando, Florida on Thursday, March 15 where Salema Rice will be presenting Envision in the GRI Technology Pavilion at 10:45 am.  For more information about how your company can benefit from Envision, email us at

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