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Geometric Results, Inc. and Oracle Join Forces to Improve and Expand Global Managed Services Program

DETROITMay, 23 2016- Geometric Results, Inc. (GRI) and Oracle are pleased to announce a partnership between the world’s largest independent managed services provider (MSP) and the global leader in technology-based cloud services. Oracle’s new MSP program will allow the company to more efficiently and effectively manage its non-employee resources in roles including staff augmentation, statement of work/project-based services, payrolling, vendor on premises, and independent contractors. By selecting GRI, Oracle will now be able to optimize and extend the entire scope of its program.

The partnership, which became official in February, establishes MSP operations that span eight countries and utilize Oracle’s current vendor management technology partner. Oracle needed an MSP that could seamlessly integrate with its existing operations and employees, enabling the company to focus on global expansion. “After analyzing our MSP options, it became clear that GRI was the best cultural fit for Oracle, offering unmatched solutions to manage our ever-expanding global non-employee and statement of work programs. Their subject-matter expertise and focus on strategic execution fulfils our need for a unique approach,” said Wendy Patience-O’Brien, director of global contingent workforce at Oracle.

GRI is able to deliver these solutions because of the company’s conflict-free, vendor-neutral position with regard to staffing suppliers and vendor management technologies. For more than 20 years, GRI has supported US and global clients, led by executives and program leads who average more than a decade in the industry. Their mature statement of work management program allows Oracle to continue its global expansion with unlimited speed of growth and depth of services. Other essential differentiators include GRI’s forward-looking data analytics and reporting as well as the company’s Solutions and Innovations department, a best-practices and analysis team unique to the industry.

“By making the move to GRI, we are certain that Oracle will be pleased with its ability to continue program optimization and global expansion. Our proactive approach to program management and reporting integrate with our proprietary solutions, creating a specialized plan that meets all of Oracle’s unique global needs,” said Art Knapp, GRI’s president. “We have every confidence that the partnership between GRI and Oracle will become the pinnacle program in the MSP industry.”

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Geometric Results, Inc. (GRI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of MSX International, is the world’s largest independent managed service provider (MSP) with $4 billion in managed contingent workforce spend. The company maintains a conflict-free position with regard to staffing suppliers and VMS technology platforms. GRI’s workforce solutions offer management of clients’ total MSP program activity including contracting, supplier management, payment services, and advanced analytics; clients realize improved efficiency, increased transparency, and reduced cost. GRI continues to be an industry leader in solutions development, serving clients in more than 35 countries with proprietary services including STARS Methodology for Continuous Improvement™ and Procurement of Outsourced Projects and Services (PrOPS). For more information, visit