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World’s Largest Independent MSP Makes International Business News Debut

Geometric Results, Inc. will be featured on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® sharing how the company is meeting the world’s non-employee labor needs with its next-generation solutions.

DETROITNov. 9, 2016- – Geometric Results, Inc. (GRI), the world’s largest independent and conflict-free managed services provider (MSP), will be the focus of a conversation about its industry-changing non-employee labor management solutions and services with an international audience on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® on November 13, 2016. The show will air on Fox Business Network as sponsored programming and on Bloomberg’s international networks.

GRI President Art Knapp and Vice President of Solutions and Innovation Jill Parrino share their insights about the industry, current trends, and the ways GRI is breaking new ground in the non-employee labor market. “The type of talent needed to fill today’s jobs is different and how that talent is engaged has changed dramatically,” Knapp said. GRI is uniquely positioned to address these rapidly-changing facets of the industry through its next-generation solutions which can be packaged to create specialized programs for every client. “It may surprise some people to learn that now, as much as 50% of a company’s labor force can be non-employee, so GRI has solutions and services available to develop strategic plans that engage the necessary talent efficiently and cost-effectively. As an MSP, it’s our job to help employers make sense of all the different channels for talent,” Parrino said.

Randy Dean, president of Fast Switch, a longtime IT supplier to GRI’s programs, is interviewed and highlights the benefits of working with a GRI. “Our more than 10-year relationship with GRI continues to help us better-understand the client’s needs and make sure the process works efficiently so there is little wasted time in providing exactly what our clients are looking for,” he said.

“We’re confident we have created an elite supplier coalition that operates with the industry’s foremost practices, personnel, and expertise,” Knapp said. The P3 suppliers are more open to providing the best candidates and strategies when working through the program because they understand there is no competitive risk as GRI provides no direct staffing services. “After years of hearing about the diminished value of conflict-free and vendor-neutral, it’s remarkable to experience the positive outcomes from suppliers that understand they are not dealing with a competitor – a company that provides both staffing and MSP services. Our P3 suppliers’ willingness to share great ideas is already providing substantial benefits to our programs and clients. This program is an industry changer.”

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Geometric Results, Inc. (GRI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of MSX International, is the world’s largest independent managed service provider (MSP) with $4 billion in managed contingent workforce spend. The company maintains a conflict-free position with regard to staffing suppliers and VMS technology platforms. GRI’s workforce solutions offer management of clients’ total MSP program activity including contracting, supplier management, payment services, and advanced analytics; clients realize improved efficiency, increased transparency, and reduced cost. GRI continues to be an industry leader in solutions development, serving clients in more than 35 countries with proprietary services including STARS Methodology for Continuous Improvement™ and Procurement of Outsourced Projects and Services (PrOPS). For more information, visit