Extended Workforce Solutions for the Rapidly-Changing World of Work

The world of work is changing — the traditional labor pool is shrinking and younger workers want more fluid opportunities that give them greater control over their careers. Workers tend to move between full-time and non-employee experiences over the course of their careers, so companies in search of non-employee candidates must access new channels to find and keep the best talent.

So how do companies in search of non-employee labor find and keep the best talent? To successfully manage the multi-faceted process (which when attempted alone can be daunting), partner with a trusted, experienced extended workforce solutions provider. That move can ease the stress by providing a multitude of solutions that can be combined into a specialized, strategic non-employee labor management program.

At GRI, our industry-leading solutions and experienced teams work to address every issue, from how to manage time sheets to uncovering millions in statement-of-work (SOW) program savings. We employ our independent position to secure the best talent efficiently and at a lower cost. Our fully-integrated programs are built on innovation based on thought leadership, research, and the changing needs of our clients. This means we can provide MSP programs, advanced data analytics, expanded sources for talent, enhanced SOW-based service management options, and continued expansion for global programs.

Your company has to be flexible and adaptive, maintaining a holistic outlook to meet the rapid pace of change and secure top talent. GRI is ready to make sure that happens.