Statement of Work Meets Predictive Data Analytics

The search for a statement of work (SOW) solution to manage all aspects of contracting and sourcing is over.  Now, there’s an end-to-end program led with singular governance that incorporates a unification of contracts, technology, and operations.  Ascend, GRI’s individualized, strategic solution, offers three levels of engagement all built on a set of core services and processes that create a foundation for success.

A solution that grew from decades of experience dealing with SOW challenges across industries, Ascend addresses the problems that arise as a result of contract mismanagement.  Cost overruns, project delays, and value leakage are common, often costing companies millions of dollars.  Ascend helps companies uncover savings from three key areas: demand management, specifications management, and price.  When all of these are addressed concurrently, GRI regularly finds 20 to 30 percent savings (or more) across entire SOW programs.

Think about that for a minute.  If you manage even $100 million in your SOW program, you could be losing $20 to $30 million every year.

Technology plays an important role in Ascend’s success.  The wrong or improperly used technology platform, — most often a vendor management system, or VMS — can result in longer cycle times and a reduced return on investment.  So, when the Ascend team comes in, we tackle those issues, too, which supports the journey to substantial savings.

Ascend uses best-in-class processes, expert resources, and leading data analytics technology to establish complete ownership in the start-to-finish execution of the SOW lifecycle.  We provide more than transactional and VMS support.  We become an integral part of your company’s procurement team and a true strategic partner.

To find out how much money your company could be saving, email Jennifer Downs today to schedule a conversation.