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“STARS Methodology for Continuous Improvement

GRI’s workforce decision analytics solution – Envision – is changing how companies understand and act on their non-employee labor data.

Envision delivers a steady stream of analytics and strategic advice using predictive data science and neural machine learning models that are continuously retrained with fresh data to ensure accuracy and in-the-moment relevancy.  We provide a complement to existing vendor management system (VMS) data by augmenting it with more comprehensive market data and standardized benchmarking data.  Envision increases time-to-market and time-to-value, accuracy, and report simplicity.

Data from a client’s VMS – and any other structured and unstructured sources – is loaded into GRI’s repository, then integrated with larger anonymized data sets to generate a wide range of analytics, many of which can be accessed in real time.

And our reporting is unique – there are no more spreadsheets with tiny rows of indecipherable data.  Envision uses a graphic representation system that provides easy-to-interpret information which visually highlights areas of strength and needed improvement.

Because Envision compares individual client data with larger, anonymous external data sets, our clients are able to look at trends across various data categories, learning more than merely what happened.  Envision gives us the ability to unlock the ‘why’ so our clients can make informed strategic decisions.

There’s no longer a need to imagine the future – with Envision, we’re helping our clients effectively see it.