Platinum Preferred Providers

After reflecting on our client’s best supplier experiences, we realized some of our supplier were so extraordinary that we needed to find a way to recognize that. So, we created the Platinum Preferred Provider (P3) program. This unique strategy turns the traditional supplier model upside-down, bringing our extended workforce solutions programs and suppliers together to create value across the spectrum – for clients, supplier partners, and GRI team members.

Our P3 program – the first of its kind in the non-employee labor arena – allows us to create closer working relationships that yield optimal value and enhanced supplier engagement for clients. P3 benefits our clients on multiple levels, including cost savings through preferred pricing, reduced supplier onboarding time, and thought leadership.

To be chosen for inclusion, suppliers are vetted through a rigorous RFI process that includes strict standards around performance, client relationships, pricing, and non-competitive threat. This means our clients are assured a supplier group committed to bringing unmatched service and qualified, reliable candidates to satisfy a wide range of non-employee labor needs. And, our P3 suppliers, the top 1% of our supplier base, have a mature understanding of how to operate within the structure of our programs – their business models are efficient and effective, complying with program rules and practices.

We’re confident we’ve created an elite supplier coalition that operates with the industry’s foremost practices, personnel, and expertise.