Procurement of Outsourced Projects and Services

The fastest-growing segment in the non-employee labor industry is statement of work (SOW). While many companies currently use SOW to engage temporary workers, only about five to ten percent of their total spend actually secures contingent labor.

GRI understands the difficulty of corralling dollars and resources to optimize results. Through our PrOPS solution, our team of category and functional experts will analyze and manage your entire SOW portfolio, incorporating data-focused sourcing strategies which help ensure program compliance and reduce third-party risk.

Your existing non-employee labor program should be scaled to include new policies and practice objectives, sourcing and spend management capabilities, and broader category expertise. Our solution does that while offering protection from third-party management and non-compliance. PrOPS is customizable and will be configured to support every component of your portfolio – based on your preferences.

We integrate tactical spending while focusing on channel and resource optimization to ensure your company’s total SOW transaction remains efficient and effective. And we remain committed to a return on investment that guarantees your company will save more than our program costs. Try our SOW Savings Calculator to see an estimate.

Our strategic SOW solution as part of our complete extended workforce solution will meet your company’s present needs while keeping an eye on future growth plans.

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