Staffing Transparency Analytics & Reporting Systems Methodology for Continuous Improvement™

The data in your company’s vendor management system is filled with reams of information that can become your non-employee labor management program’s secret weapon.

But only if you know how to harness it.

Our proprietary STARS solution allows us to create customized data displays that bring relevant facts and figures together into interactive dashboards. Customized for every client, our data reporting strategy provides robust monthly reporting workbooks, quarterly business reviews, and executive dashboards. As part of our

program, we supply operational reporting on headcount, fills, spend, requisition volume, assignment ends, and tenure. Our multi-layered data reports give a current program snapshot, helping your business succeed tactically in the day-to-day while observing trends in the data over time which become the foundation for strategic planning.

STARS brings GRI’s leading-edge thinking and experiential non-employee workforce management knowledge to the fore, resulting in analysis and actionable outcomes that add value to all of our client’s programs.

Active Headcount Dashboard