Talent Cloud Solution

Work today doesn’t look like it did even 10 years ago. It’s now less common – and for younger workers, often less desirable – to spend 20 or 30 years with the same company. To succeed in the ever-changing world of work, companies must be flexible and adaptive, meeting the needs of younger workers who bring with them a new, more fluid outlook on jobs and careers.

Workers often seek out non-employee experiences to gain specific and varied experience, to follow interesting work, or to work for a big-name firm. So, companies in search of non-employee candidates must access new channels to find and engage top talent.

By implementing GRI’s talent cloud solution, your company can reach previously untapped candidates, securing the most talented workers in the most cost-effective manner. Our industry-changing solution, offered in partnership with Genesys, ensures your company has access to the talent you need, delivered within your strict time constraints.

Your unique cloud will house talent in customized pools that you define – filled with groups like current employees, alumni, retirees, armed services veterans, and specialized freelancers. Clouds are populated with candidates who opt in, owning their personal brands and career directions. Recruitment happens through social media campaigns, online marketing, text messaging, and email, then candidates are vetted and qualified based on your company’s requirements.

But why choose GRI’s talent cloud solution? Ours is the only one that provides curation. A real person will work with your candidates, vetting them and keeping them engaged through networking, thought leadership, and gamification. Clients already using our talent clouds have experienced reduced time-to-fill, cost savings, and improved candidate quality – are you interested?

Watch our Talent Cloud video, then email us to talk about how we can help your company.