Reach previously untapped candidates, securing new talent marketplaces, while realizing significant cost savings with GRI’s Direct Sourcing – a leading talent acquisition strategy.

Our advanced solution, offered in partnership through our Direct Sourcing partners, ensures you have access to GRI’s innovative, curated talent ecosystem. Organizations from around the world leverage GRI’s talent acquisition strategies to direct source from GRI’s one-of-a-kind curated pools of talent. By breaking down silos we give you access to the right talent, allowing you to focus on critical business transformation and growth.

GRI helps clients source talent in customized pools that you define – filled with communities encompassing former employees, alumni, retirees, armed services veterans, and specialized freelancers. Candidates opt in and own their personal brand and career directions. Recruitment happens through social media campaigns, online marketing, text messaging, and email.

Candidates are vetted and qualified based on your company’s requirements.
Our solution is the only one that provides full-lifecycle, human curation. A real person will work with your candidates, vetting them and keeping them engaged through networking, thought leadership, and gamification. GRI clients utilizing our Direct Sourcing services have experienced reduced time-to-fill, cost savings, consistency in worker experience and improved candidate experience.


  • Access to industry-leading innovative talent communities
  • Significant cost savings for contingent and full-time hired resources
  • Accelerated time to fill metrics with an engaged talent pool
  • Stronger relationships with top talent
  • Positive impact of culture 

Engage and nurture a community of workers and stay ahead of the seismic shifts in attracting, engaging, and retaining talent to meet strategic objectives.

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