ENVISION analytics

Envision Analytics is the leading proprietary workforce analytics platform that allows companies around the world to see the future of their workforce.

Leveraging modern technology and data science, along with global contingent labor benchmark data, Envision Analytics enables organizations to analyze, visualize and predict labor trends and outcomes within their programs.  

Designed by leading data engineers and data scientists from the largest independent MSP in the industry, GRI provides clients with the ability to combine and correlate program variables to not only see what has happened within their program, but determine what will happen and what to do next by accessing highly trusted data sources.

With Envision Analytics, GRI clients are changing how they interpret contingent labor data to deliver tangible results previously difficult, if not impossible to attain. 

On Demand Information for Strategic Workforce Decision-Making Provides:

  • Data visualizations depicting the story behind program metrics 
  • The ability to make informed decisions about “what’s next and what do I do now?”
  • Real-time analytics to improve timeliness and accuracy of decision making within the program


  • Delivers real-time insights 
  • Uses the power of predictions
  • Provides the industry’s fastest next generation actions 
  • Access comprehensive market data based on real, transactional data, sourced from VMS Systems
  • Compare your contingent workforce, services procurement, and full-time employee metrics to industry benchmarks and third-party datasets

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