Heidi Hempfling Sica- Sales Support Specialist 

Humor us for a moment; it’s the age of the “influencer culture”. We can’t seem to go onto any social platform without being flooded by an array of products or services that are “the best” on the market.

However, before I swipe up to buy, I honestly sit back and wonder if what I am being influenced by is an honest, non-biased opinion, or an opinion purely based on the financial gain of the so-called "influencer". 

If there was no financial gain for an influencer, would we be flooded with all of these "best on the market", "must-have" products? Or a true and honest opinion of something someone actually bought and liked. 

Now to switch gears a bit, here lies the importance of vendor neutrality and why it matters within an MSP. 

Through Vendor Neutrality, the company doesn’t maintain a financial interest, meaning the MSP isn’t owned, affiliated with, or operated by another competing interest company. Overall the MSP’s strategy is totally unbiased and performs to the benefit of the customer. For example, when a client is trying to weigh the benefits of implementing an iPhone verses a Galaxy for their company phones, it will help the client’s peace of mind to know that you’re not selling them on either product, because you’re directly affiliated with Apple or Samsung.

Being Vendor Neutral means engaging the right supplier marketplace, VMS, suppliers, and technology enablers that best aligns with the client’s needs and goals. This is important because it allows for a conflict-free program with no competing services. By taking a neutral position and conducting supplier meetings and forums regularly to exchange information in a community environment ensures that all suppliers hear the same messaging at the same time. This position goes far beyond just vendor neutral, it is critical to achieving a high supplier adoption rate and commitment to the program. 

A truly Vendor Neutral MSP, unlike that of the "influencer culture", always has the client’s best interests in mind with an unbiased, conflict-free, no strings attached mentality. 

GRI is independent and conflict-free and is the largest MSP provider not owned by a staffing and/or payroll supplier, and as such is completely vendor neutral. This is a fundamental reason for successful supplier engagement and has led to an adoption rate exceeding 99%. If you would like to learn more about GRI’s vendor neutral definition and position, please contact a Sales Rep in your area. 

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