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Widening the Talent Pool: Practical contingent workforce management is a changing world

David Cooper
Vice President, Global Sales

The traditional 9-to-5 job is quickly losing its status, being overtaken by workers seeking non-employee roles that allow for greater flexibility and geographic freedom.  So, companies must adapt, finding ways to meet their own employment needs while offering options that meet the requirements of today’s workers.

To make this happen, companies need to be aware of the many talent channels available to bring together the largest possible pool of qualified candidates.  But how do HR and procurement professionals wrap their arms around so much information?  They partner with an MSP to bring the knowledge and expertise, bridging the gap.

GRI can help companies create effective talent ecosystems that are supported by data, allowing companies to create short- and long-term strategies that will meet immediate and long-term needs.

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*photo credit: Remodista

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